Why Exhibit?

Opportunity to build prospect databases

Why You Should Exhibit?

With a complete representation of all automotive sectors gathered under one roof, the Pakistan Auto Show 2022 will provide automotive professionals with the ideal platform to present their products to the public, enhance their presence in the fast-expanding foreign markets, and explore new roads for dealerships and partnerships.

  • Meet potential buyers
  • Find new markets
  • Appoint agents / seek principals
  • Discuss business needs of customers in a neutral environment
  • Opportunity to build prospect databases
  • Build relationships with existing customers / to consolidate market position
  • Chance to educate the market with your product knowledge and expertise
  • Generate new sales leads
  • Demonstrate your products and services, answer questions and overcome objectives
  • Generate media exposure for your company
  • Build brand awareness
  • Right platform to launch new products
  • Chance to position your company as a market leader
  • Bring the most active prospects to your stand
  • Harness all five senses to drive your product home
  • Oil & Lubricant supplier
  • Accessories supplier
  • B2B Meeting with OEM and Vendor industry
  • Service Provider in engineering Sector